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If you're looking for the absolute best trampoline, the Ultega trampoline is the best you can find at an affordable price. From great customer service to a high quality product, you won't ever regret purchasing this for your kids.

You can’t be too careful about your children’s safety please read all our trampoline reviews especially if you’re thinking about buying a trampoline for Christmas or their birthday. I’m a mechanical engineer so I’ve naturally been trained to test and analyze. So I’ve decided to write about from my hours of reading over trampoline reviews to find what was the best available. From price and features comparison, I finally decided to go with the Ultega trampoline, which in my opinion is the best trampoline available on the market. I always encourage people to do their own research, and hopefully I’ll send you in the right direction. Let’s jump in!

What are the Awesome Features?

  • Trampoline ReviewsWith a UV protected mat, you can jump for many years on this durable 10′ trampoline.
  • Comes with an all around safety enclosure net, which goes 4 feet high and all the rods and springs are protected with thick pads.
  • 64 long springs, which means you and your kids can even jump higher!
  • It’s passes the TUV safety requirements, which means it’s completely safe for your kids.

Real Benefits from the Ultega Trampoline Reviews

  1. Extremely Well Built For Safety & Durability – I’ve had this for about three summers and two winters. Usually, the sun and snow can do some damage to the mat and frame but ours still looks and feels pretty new. Thanks to the UV-resistant mat, I know that it’s well protected from the sun in the summer. As for the winter, there has been any sign of rust on the frames or the springs from the rain or snow.
  2. Great Customer Service – I’ve never had any issues with it but from all the reviews that I’ve read. The customer service has been excellent. One customer had their trampoline blown away by a windstorm and smash into a tree. Some of replacements parts needed to be replaced and the company replaced them for free and sent the very next day. Another customer had lost a few springs before he could set it up and the company also sent them the replacement springs free of charge and to a different address. That’s what I call great customer service.
  3. Perfect Fit For a Small Backyard – I never had a huge backyard growing up and I’ve always wanted to get one for my kids. But living out in San Francisco, it’s not possible to afford a house with a very large backyard unless you’re ridiculous rich. I’ve realized the 10 foot trampoline was the best size because it wasn’t so big that it took over the whole yard but also not too small that it wouldn’t be any fun. I’ve also read other customers who agrees with me that the size is just right. Also I’ve realized how a trampoline is an awesome play date bait for my son!

Possible Concerns From the Ultega Trampoline Reviews:

  1. Vague Instructions – I didn’t have too much trouble putting this trampoline together and it only took me about an hour to set up. I didn’t have too much problems following the instructions but I can see why some people have complained the instructions are a bit vague. It will go a lot faster if you have friend or wife to help you put it together especially when setting up the poles. One person should hold the poles while the other puts the bolts on.
  2. Here are some other helpful tips before you assemble it.
  • Get the delivery guy to get your package as close to the place you want to set it up. Total weight is around 200 lbs so it isn’t possible to move by yourself.
  • There will be a lot of bolts so don’t get confused, they’re for the pole and net.
  • When putting it together, remember to face the legs of the trampoline out and not under. Also remember to make sure all the holes for the springs are facing up!

Ultega Trampoline Reviews from Other Customers:

“We Love Our New Trampoline!”
“Great Customer Service”
“Jumping happiness..”
“Happy Bouncing”
“Great Product, Impressive Service!”

Where Can You Buy The Ultega Trampoline?

If you haven’t discovered Amazon yet, you’re in for a world of awesome discounts and great customer service. You can purchase this now at amazon for under $300, but I’m not too sure how long it will last. You can check the current price here. It also comes with two day free shipping but I’ve gotten packages from Amazon the very next day.

Order it now before they sell out. 


I hope that you learned from our trampoline reviews that we want to provide the best trampoline at a price that’s actually affordable. It’s no surprise that the Ultega trampoline really is the best trampoline available on the market. If you’re still unsure, read all our other trampoline reviews here on the blog. Like I said, as a parent, you want the best for your kids and the only way to do that is to research. I like to think of this as the new word of mouth to help other parents make smarter and cost effective purchase. Get ready to jump onto some of the deals on the sidebar!


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    • Mechanical Engineer by day and a trampoline fanatic by night. Kinda. Just bought a trampoline for my son and we are just loving it.